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About Us

The General Osteopathic Council of Ontario (GOCO) (formally known as GOCCOS) was founded in August 2006 as a not-for-profit, Professional Association (previously known as Ontario Registry Board for Osteopathic Physicians since 2003) by a group of Osteopathic Manual Practitioners and is based in Toronto, Ontario.

GOCO Objectives

The GOCO promotes public awareness of general osteopathic care by adhering to it's objectives:

  1. Maintain a Ontario registry of General Osteopathic Practitioners.

  2. To maintain a Code of Professional Ethics and Conduct in order to protect the interest and rights of patients.

  3. To advocate on behalf of members.

  4. To affiliate with other Osteopathic Associations locally and internationally to promote the effective delivery of General Osteopathic care and to work in collaboration in the area of research to produce an International Manual of General Osteopathic Practice.

  5. Spread General Osteopathic philosophy by advertising: Media, Sponsorship, Wellness Expositions, Seminars and Lectures.

  6. To develop sponsorship and support for international relief and assistance projects and to recruit additional resource partners.